Top 5 Take Out Food in Galway

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In Galway, you can enjoy some of the best dining experiences of your life. But also, the best take-away food experiences of your life. So, here are the five best take away food joints in Galway.

This is why it is great to have restaurants nearby where you live or where you work.

Falafel at TGO

In Galway, the best place to get a falafel is at the TGO Falafel Bar. Fresh ingredients and everything is done to perfection. They offer a variety on their menu both for meat lovers and vegans. You can’t go wrong with their vegan-burger partnered with some hummus.

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Pizza at Zappi’s

Pizza is delicious wherever you eat it. But there is just something captivating with Zappi’s pepperoni pizza at first bite.

At first look, you might be turned off by the burnt part on the lower crust, but it just gives the pizza that bitter blend. You should also try their duck pasta. One take away meal from them and you are sure to come back.

Tandoori Chicken at ORAN TANDOORI

If you want something heavy, make your way to Oran and order a full serving of their butter chicken. Many of the locals believe Oran is the best place to get tandoori chicken in all of Galway. Find out for yourself. Tandoori chicken is classified as healthy despite being a street food by the way.

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Pie at The Pie Maker

Apple pie believe it or not is a healthy dessert to consume, not daily of course. Well, you can get the best apple pie at The Pie Maker.

Pulled Pork at PAPA’Z Bistro

The pulled pork sandwich at PAPA’Z is to die for. Order that one with a berry and white chocolate scone and you are good to go.

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