The Best Restaurants in Galway

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Galway is known for its rich culture that is made up of a diverse community. This place should be on your bucket list of the places you want to visit at least once.

If you are there, you are sure to have a great time with all the restaurants, pubs, bars, and taverns all over town. You’ll have a hard time choosing so we’ll narrow things down for you.

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Aniar is a Michelin star recipient for their contemporary vibe and flavour. The menu is filled with dishes inspired by traditional dishes from the west of Ireland perfected throughout time. Believe it or not, this family-friendly restaurant has no speciality, because everything they prepare is a speciality.

Their changing menu is inspired by local ingredients they found along Galway’s West End. The restaurant is headed by renowned chef-patron JP McMahon. They serve some of the best full course meals.

When this article was being written, their top dish was made up of smoked cheese, kelp, beetroot, potato, roe, dillisk sea radish, and elderberry.

They were also serving a dish with pork and sorrel buttermilk. The locals always look forward to what Aniar has cooking. They said that this casual dining experience is found nowhere else.

By the way, the restaurant is only open for dinner and you can enjoy up to a 6, 8 or 10-course meal.

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Handsome Burger

One of the best burger joints not only in Galway but in the entire country. Did you know that this restaurant was awarded for serving the best burgers in Ireland? To start you off, Handsome Burger serves the best parmesan and maple bacon friend. Truly the best we’ve tasted so far.

The Handsome with Cheese-burger was ranked as the 35th best burger in the world. It’s a simple cheeseburger with all the fixings, but its flavour is nothing close to simple. You also need to try their ShowStopper and the Deal Breaker.

It’s meaty and cheesy goodness at the same time for both these burgers. The restaurant is located at 49 Dominick Street Lower, Galway, H91 P08F. You can’t miss it.

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The Twelve, Barna

If you want a fine dining experience, you should go for The Twelve at Barna Rd. Just go to the top floor of the hotel/gastropub and ask for a table. In this restaurant, you get to enjoy internationally acclaimed wines not to mention gourmet pizzas with local ingredients.

It’s farm to table goodness as you enjoy the company of one another in one of the best restaurants in Galway.

You will never go wrong with any of these food destinations. But, these 3 are not the only restaurants serving amazing food in Galway city. Subscribe to our magazine today and check out more about the food scene in Galway.