Gastronomic Events in Galway

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Galway is known all over the world for so many things, culture, music, language, art, and most of all, food. In Galway, you can experience the biggest, grandest, and most complex food festivals.

So, if you are looking for a whole new food experience, in fact, a bunch of new food experiences, here are the festivals you need to book right now.

Galway International Oyster Festival 2020

Do you like eating oysters? How about watching people competing to see who can shuck the fastest? The Galway International Oyster Festival is the longest-running oyster festival in the world.

People in Ireland wait all year for this event, and it happens during the last week of September every year. Four days of food galore. You get to eat some of the best servings, especially seafood, during this festival.

Oyster hot spots, foodie discussions, food provenances tours, and most of all the Oyster Olympics.

That’s right, this is what we were talking about the fastest shucker in the world. It can’t get better than this so make sure to get your ticket today.

Galway Food Festival

One of the most anticipated food festivals, not only in the city but in the entire country of Ireland is the Galway Food Festival. This even, already on its ninth year took place near Easter every year. In 2020, it is scheduled from April 9 to April 13.

During the festival, you get to enjoy everything related to food like food trails/spots, farmers markets or as they call it here open-air markets. You get to enjoy some of the best local food in the city.

The festival also welcomes cuisines from all over the globe as the event celebrates not only Galway but the food of the world. You’ll never go wrong with this festival.

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