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Maxwell’s Restaurant was founded by the Kelly family residing in the city. Billy Kelly, a lodging manager opened a small food truck serving some of Ireland’s best dishes like soda bread, black and white pudding, Irish stew, and more.

It was then called “Maxwell’s”. It was a small family business but it was big around the neighbourhood. People knew the Kelly family and the Kelly family knew the people. It was just like feeding your family and friends.

After a couple of years, business was good and even tourists started hunting Maxwell’s. Most of them loved their food but they kept asking for other dining experiences to enjoy and go to.

Maxwell’s becomes Maxwell’s Restaurant

Kelly and the rest of Maxwell’s were not above sharing information about others eat out spots in the city of Galway. Then it hit Kelly, instead of him telling people one at a time, he wanted to do it all at once.

That’s when he thought of opening Maxwell’s Restaurant, the food magazine you all love today. Just like most food magazines, Maxwell’s Restaurant features amazing food joints all over Galway.

The online magazine started with a static design and Kelly was doing most of the writing and even the editing. It was a simple website until people who are more inclined with web development services wanted to help out.

It turns out, these people are some of his regulars and they wanted to help Kelly build the magazine’s online presence.

Maxwell’s Restaurant team

With the website ready, Kelly and his new team of feature and lifestyle writers started publishing content five times every week.

The online magazine took off and we even started printing a couple of hard magazines to distribute for free to our customers.